Sports Massage

Treatments can only be scheduled at select times due to availability. Please email us at [email protected] and we will respond as swiftly as possible. This applies to home visits queries.

A Sports Massage background allows for the highest level of human anatomy understanding with supportive degree knowledge.

A manual set of treatment techniques to aid in optimizing an individual’s body to function at its best. Aiding in preventing injuries, rehabilitation of injuries, improving posture, maintaining muscle tone and treating a variety of injuries, symptoms, and conditions. Ultimately attempting to reset muscle tension, reduce or remove symptoms entirely and improve overall wellbeing.

For emergencies please contact: +447488533175

Due to the volume of therapists utilizing the facility, the time slot may be available in our diary but not at the venue. We apologize for any inconvenience and will make sure to find the best available time to accommodate your schedule.

Upper Back / Neck

Common for those who work long hours seated at a desk, computer, or behind a steering wheel for extended periods of time.

Upper Limbs

We all use our arms in all our daily lives, whether it be manual or desk related work, it’s what sets us aside from a lot of other species. Alongside this comes repetitive use, and caring for our muscle tone can make a world of a difference if you do work with your hands.

Lower Limbs

The biggest muscles in our body and are used in nearly everything we do. Over use results in muscle tension, and regular treatments aid in resetting the tension.

Lower Back

Common area for many people to feel stiffness, restriction or varying degrees of pain. This type of treatment aids in resetting various muscle groups in order to alleviate or improve symptoms.

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