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Pro Life Fitness LTD. was founded and created by Alexander Kharadi

PLF follows on the vision and dream that Alex himself sees growing rapidly by touching as many lives as we can. Providing a truly holistic service, where we are able to provide a wealth of knowledge and expert services to anyone seeking credible service providers. Ultimately creating a one-stop shop across the globe providing the best services, advice, and maintenance options to our clients and future clients.

Beginnings and Our Future

Pro Life Fitness exists now thanks to Alex following his passion and dreams, so where does it start?

It starts right here with him and his team that is expanding as you read this text. No matter how big or small the step is, progress is progress, and that can never be taken away from someone’s ambition, work ethic, inspirational attitude, and motivation. This builds a foundation that is stable from the beginning, because if you do not share Pro Life Fitness’s vision for the health and fitness industry of the future, the well-being of every client that comes into contact with us, then you are restricting the number of people we can help change for the better.

We have a choice to grow every second of every day, and Pro-Life Fitness takes every opportunity and makes itself grow because it wants to!

Our Difference

There is a concept called blue and red ocean strategies, and what Pro Life Fitness aims to do is create its own market with its clients. Separating itself from the masses by creating a system within the current system. Unlocking a potential that is untapped and a long-lasting business that with the aim to remain for generations to come.

A vision that Alex has himself, for his family, future family, and for all the billions of people we have on this planet we call home. Equal opportunities for anyone to have access to the same services as anybody else, no barriers, no restrictions, a true one-stop shop for everyone to take benefit of. Truly being unique, and taking into considerations your own background, and the restrictions you may have, and formulating a strategy just for you to experience living with access to the services we all deserve.

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