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Alexander Kharadi

BSc (Hons) – Exercise, Nutrition & Health

Kingston University London, UK.

I grew up in a very different world to what many common western upbringings hold true. Being half Swedish and half Pakistani, just that alone has opened up a view on the world in a different light, and would not change a thing about who I am today nor where I come from. Everything I do is for those I call family, and that even extends out to my clients, because I build relationships with everyone I come in contact with, and whether you are of my blood or not, a family is what you make it. Those clients who know me already may have heard me say:

When you do this make sure you keep your chest up, let them see how proud you are, like you wear an emblem of who you are on your chest, let it shine!

The Science Behind It All

My studies in sports psychology merged into the completion of my sports science degree from Kingston University.

After graduating high school studying the International Baccalaureate (IB), I studied a Sports Psychology which aided me in realizing my passion for sports and science.

As I completed my BSc program, I competed in American Football, which resulted in a promotion to the top Premiership Division in my final year at university.

My years of education and life experiences gave birth to the idea that was Pro Life Fitness. Being pro towards life, being fit and being well. I took that idea and turned it into a business concept shifting a large part of my living philosophy into a brand that would enable generations of people to embark on a journey of wellness. It stars with and ends with you – change can occur as long as you want it to!

Being pro towards life, being fit and being well.

Brief History

I was born in Sweden, but grew up a majority of my life in Saudi Arabia. That as well was unique in itself, but I grew up in an American school system, and sports was heavily ingrained in me from day one when I could walk, and from day one when I started school. Competing in everything the school had to offer, even reaching heights of going on international meets to compete in Track and Field, I held the 110m hurdle record when I left, not sure whether that still stands today.

Other Activities

At the same time as being heavily active, I was also heavily creative playing the trombone even though the instrument was a contender for being taller than me at the time, and also greatly involved in the sciences and academics overall. I was never the one to be naturally gifted or smart in academics, but what I did have then and still have more of now is drive, determination, and the work ethic to be better. I might not get it the first time, but you can bet I’ll take the time to work at it to ensure I know it, no matter how long it takes!

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