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Mervyn E.

Metropolitan Police

My Story

I’ve been training with Alex for about 6 months now and although intermittent due to some health issues he has helped me maintain a functional level of fitness, strength, and mobility which at times has been challenging.

I am a 53 year old man who has always been very active  ( triathlons, obstacle courses, extreme distance running) however developed some back problems which led to blood clots in the lungs followed by a pituitary tumour and a host of problems surrounding this.

Alex kept me motivated and focused on the bigger picture of returning to full fitness again and systematically and safely pushed me to get stronger in the mind and body which at times must have been a challenge for him as I was very frustrated.

However, I’m looking forward now and not backward and with his help over the next few months positive that I’ll be back to a stronger, fitter me.

Alex is an experienced, knowledgeable, well-informed and personable character who keeps it real and no false promises. I would recommend him over and over for sports massage, strength and conditioning, functional fitness and personal training.