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Jessie B.

University Professor

My Story

I trained with Alex once a week for a period of six months as part of a broader weight loss and exercise programme at Kingston University. Alex pushed me hard to achieve my goals, but he was always mindful that training isn’t always just about physical strength. He provided motivation when it felt like I was making little progress, and found ways to demonstrate that I was continually improving, even when it felt like I was not. His enthusiasm and positive attitude made even the hardest sessions enjoyable and he always found new and interesting ways to make my muscles burn.

In addition to the personal training, Alex also provided me with nutritional advice and guidance. As well as helping me understand what to eat (and what not to eat), Alex also tailored my diet to my training, so that I knew when and what best to eat to maximise results and recovery. This advice was invaluable to me in getting the most out of my training programme and I continue to follow it. Alex helped me set and achieve goals, and has given me the confidence to continue to do so on my own.