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Alex S.

Dental Surgeon

My Story

I was somewhat apprehensive to start the gym again after 4 years of accumulating weight and inactivity.

I needed a personal trainer to understand my needs, my working environment idiosyncrasies along with the physical wear that comes with them and finally I needed someone to motivate me to do what I knew I had to.

Hence I was introduced to Alex, we went through the induction, we discussed my needs and wants and started training. I have known Alex for approximately five months now but I could not have wished for anything better.

Alex has a very methodical and friendly approach to his clients. First of all, he listens and gives valid advice. Secondly, he is surrounded by a team of professionals in order to provide a more holistic approach to his clients’ care and thirdly, he helps you to become self-motivated about your health, discover your “perceived” limits and overcome them!

The personal training sessions are always hard work and physically demanding but Alex’s friendly professionalism and a good sense of humour make the time pass quickly.

Additionally, Alex is an expert on sports massage! It has been more than once that his expertise has helped me with sore and overworked muscles following a long office day.

I would recommend Alex without any hesitation to anyone who is seriously looking to improve their health and lifestyle. I am grateful for all his good work and for helping me to “open the box”!